Agricola del Sole

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The company, AGRICOLA DEL SOLE has taken the best of the full knowledge of the own earth of origin, of its undisputed virtues and potentialities, of its vital and productive cycles in which are wisely combined the protection of the tradition with the professionalism of whom has always lived for and with the earth.

The brothers, Francesco, Mimmo, Pasquale and Cardenia Casillo, have a family history that boasts an engagement and a fifty-year-old experience in the field of the agriculture : in 1958, the founder, Vincenzo Casillo, started the milling business in Corato (BA); ever since, it has been a long road that has allowed to the Casillo Group to become the world leader in the durum wheat selection, handling, mix, processing and marketing.

With the same passion for the historical-cultural wealth of the territory handed down from the preceding generations, AGRICOLA DEL SOLE’s vineyards are localized in the shed pieces of ground among the boundless spaces of the Murgia, exalting the beauty and the uncontaminated value in a wild state.

Vineyards located in the agricultural zones of Corato, Minervino Murge, Andria, Ruvo di Puglia and Trani, territories belonging to the National Park of Alta Murgia and extraordinarily rich in protected vegetable species: till now, 1500 have been counted, that is to say 25% of the existing species on the whole domestic territory.

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