Our story

The story of Agricola del Sole is one of a conscience that grows, develops, and renews itself in the direct and ancestral relationship with the land. It's the story of a stubborn will that refuses to allow the products of its own land to be confused with the anonymous goods of purely industrial nature.

It's the story of a true and idyllic image of a life spent in the fields, in the presence of men and women tired but fulfilled by the exquisite fruits of a grateful land, respecting and attending to her. It's the story of scents, flavors, and indelible emotions that have shaped the lives and aspirations of those fortunate enough to know and capture them.


Respect for tradition

We have found our treasure in the revival of ancient traditions and flavors, managing, without stopping time, to bring to modern tables the authentic essence of the Murgia land through products considered true jewels of an economy that, although rapidly expanding, relies with a spirit of innovation on the precious methods and secrets of the past.

From the land arises life, from Agricola del Sole emerges the taste of tradition.

Quality and flavors without borders

To introduce beyond regional and national borders the ancient splendor of the olive groves that unfold in the native territory, a dynamic center of Northern Bari in Puglia; to let people taste the bold flavor of local wines; to make people understand the greatness of the Apulian agri-food sector; to spread the importance of technological innovation in support of traditional cultivation techniques; to educate palates to appreciate primitive and genuine flavors: these are our goals that we have been pursuing tirelessly since 2010 with undiminished enthusiasm.

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