Wholemeal Friselle

made of remilled whole wheat flour. Highly digestible

Wholemeal Friselle

A typical Apulian product appreciated all over the world made with whole wheat flour and simple ingredients. The Agricola del Sole Friselle integrali dier from the classic Apulian friselle that are made with the same dough of the bread, because of the use of whole wheat flour that makes Friselle integrali more digestible and reduces the glycemic index and the calorie content. Made with simple ingredients and according to traditional recipes that have been handed down for centuries, the Friselle integrali are a perfect element of a healthy life following the Mediterranean diet.

Consumption advice
Ideal to taste combined with tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and oregano. Due to its medium-sized bubbles, the Agricola del Sole Friselle integrali evenly absorb any ingredient. They are perfect to taste with a glass of Spaccapietre DOC Castel del Monte Masseria Faraona wine.
wholemeal flour, WHEAT flour, brewer’s yeast, salt. Containg gluten.

Cereals containing gluten

Manufactured in establishment working almonds, cocoa, milk, eggs, white wine containing sulfur dioxide.

Size Pieces per Carton
pack 250g 8


Nutritional Values:

Energy KJ:
Energy Kcal:
1,68 g
saturated fatty acids:
0,64 g
76 g
0,12 g
11 g
2 g
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  • Molino Casillo is the company responsible for the commercialization of Agricola del Sole products.
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