Sun-dried tomatoes in oil NEW

made with olive oil. Free from preservatives

Sun-dried tomatoes in oil
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A famous Apulian food with the flavour of its sun and its simple and valuable traditions. Agricola del Sole sun-dried tomatoes in oil preserve the authentic taste of a traditional and well-known recipe of the Apulian cookery. Made with few and genuine ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil, this food expresses all the Apulian care for the products of the land. These raw materials are carefully prepared in order to exalt their original features.

Consumption Advice
Agricola del Sole sun-dried tomatoes in oil
are delicious to taste as appetizer, both alone or tossed with capers, garlic and fresh parsley. Snipped finely and mixed with cow’s milk ricotta became a perfect topping for friselle and bruschette. Sun-dried tomatoes in oil are ideal to add an intense flavour to every sauce and can became themselves a tasty cream for topping first or second courses, or for meat based meal. 

sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, salt, white wine vinegar

Manufactured in establishment working almonds, cocoa, milk, eggs, white wine containing sulfur dioxide.

Size Pieces per Carton
jar 280g 6

Nutritional Values:

Energy KJ:
Energy Kcal:
5,35 g
saturated fatty acids:
0,74 g
41,22 g
27,87 g
Dietary fiber:
12,71 g
9,32 g
2,00 g
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  • Via Sant'Elia z.i. Corato (ba) Italy
  • Molino Casillo is the company responsible for the commercialization of Agricola del Sole products.
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